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Sorry about the confusion--I think I confused myself by looking at the
bit about CRC checksums in the "Info-ZIP Unicode Path Extra Field"
section before I posted.  I meant to say that the central directory name
looks preferred over the per-file header.

n section J, under "file name (Variable)" there's a bit that says:

"If input came from standard input, there is no file name field.  If
encrypting the central directory and general purpose bit flag 13 is set
indicating masking, the file name stored in the Local Header will not be
the actual file name.  A masking value consisting of a unique
hexadecimal value will be stored."

So in these cases the central directory name has to be used.  And, as
you pointed out, some operations like "deleting" a member from the
archive are implemented by editing the central directory, so it would
seem that the central directory should be used if there's a conflict.
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