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Date 2009-09-01.10:56:36
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Currently, the runpy._run_module_as_main() function allows a launch
script to mimic Python's -m switch fairly well.

This RFE suggests making it possible to mimic other command line
behaviour of the CPython interpreter in a documented fashion:

run_module_as_main - document and make public the existing
_run_module_as_main function (exposes -m style functionality)

run_path_as_main - accept a filesystem path and execute it as per the
command line rules for executing named scripts, zipfiles and directories
(exposes normal script execution functionality)

run_file_as_main - accept a file-like object and execute it as per the
command line rules for executing stdin (exposes '-' style functionality)

run_code_as_main - accept a string or code object and execute it
(exposes -c style functionality)

The runpy module would also be updated to expose these via its command
line to ensure they achieve their stated goal of allowing a launch
script to mimic the native interpreter behaviour. Due to the legacy of
implementing -m style execution by default, the module command line will
expose filesystem path execution through a '-f' switch.
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