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Author marklodato
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Date 2009-08-29.01:43:20
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I would also like to voice support for including argparse in the
standard library.  It seems silly to deny a module from being added just
because we already have two inferior ones.  Argparse adds so many new
(and badly needed!) features that it would be very difficult to make a
backwards-compatible wrapper around ArgumentParser.  It would be much
easier, and less error-prone, to leave optparse as-is and just add this
module in addition.

If the problem is having a third module clutter up the module list,
here's a simple solution: rename the existing optparse to _optparse,
rename argparse to optparse, and in (the new) optparse, from _optparse
import *.  Done.  Now you have a backwards-compatible OptionParser
(which ought to be deprecated), and the new ArgumentParser.  Would this
solution work?
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