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Date 2009-08-24.02:26:01
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My thinking behind this was not to be the ultimate security against 
someone getting the source, but more of a very high wall to keep out the 
majority of people.

It seems like the best way to determine what file should be decrypted 
and when a password should be prompted is to look at the header of the 
zip file where it defines the encryption information as the zip file is 
loaded.  Taking that approach would allow someone, if they wanted, to 
put multiple encrypted zip files in the path and be prompted for each 
one.  That is not my planned usage of it, but someone else may have a 
use for that.

Could someone point me in the right direction on where this 
functionality would live if implemented?  In the event there is enough 
votes to prevent it from being added I would like to try to work on it 
so I can patch my own installations of Python.
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