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On Fri, Aug 21, 2009 at 08:42:43PM +0000, Martin v. L??wis wrote:
> Martin v. L??wis <> added the comment:
> > It would still be nice to have the currently unimplemented platform
> > wrappers added to the standard library, though.  For example, as solinym
> > pointed out, getresuid and getresgid are not currently wrapped at all. 
> > There may be other low-level APIs which may be missing as well.
> Ah, ok. A patch for to add these specifically would be easy to add;
> contributions are welcome.

I kind of have two bugs going for the same thing; one is 6758 the other is 6508.

I've posted code that implements the calls using ctypes to
{get,set}res{uid,gid} in issue6758.  It's not quite done.

With regard to putting these calls into the standard library, I'm not
sure where they should go.  If I put them in os, which maps to
posixmodule.c, then I'll be adding non-POSIX calls to something
seemingly only for POSIX calls.

Also the code in there has a lot of conditional CPP logic and
interactions with the configure script.  So that could be a difficult
task to just jump into, since it has been a while since I dealt with

I really would like these routines exposed, but I don't know the best
way to do it and coudl use some guidance.
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