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Date 2009-08-18.10:38:42
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Maybe it's just me, but it took me several attempts  to understand
namedtuple example in the documentation [1]. The problem is that the
first example uses verbose=True. It's very unusual to get Python source
as the output in Python shell. At first I thought there's some syntax
error in documentation source.

I know that several lines above one can read: "If verbose is true, the
class definition is printed just before being built." But during first
several attempts to understand namedtuple, I skipped it and directly
scrolled to the first example.

I think the first example on namedtuple usage shouldn't use verbose=True.

You could argue I had to try using namedtuple inside Python shell. I
agree. But unfortunately Python 2.6 was not installed on the computer I
was at.

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