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Closing this as a won't fix:  as far as I can tell, the test failure is 
due to a platform deficiency (string <-> float conversions provided by the 
C standard library aren't correctly rounded; moreover, they're not 
accurate enough that converting a C double to 17 significant digits and 
back recovers the original double).  It's not clear what Python can 
reasonably do to fix this.  I'd prefer not to disable or weaken these 
tests, since they're useful on other platforms.

srid, if you do have any alternative suggestions about how this might be 
fixed then please do submit them.

For what it's worth, this particular failure should no longer be a problem 
in Python 3.1 and higher, since 3.1 uses its own string <-> float 
conversion code (based on David Gay's dtoa.c).
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