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Proposal: For each permalink headline in the official documentation, 
link to a wiki page specific to that headline. Allow users to easily 
view and contribute comments and examples around that specific 
documentation headline. For example:
would have an auto-generated link in the main docs of (for example):
Easy to create, self administering, perhaps valuable to new users, 
completely unofficial.

Newbies need examples, lots of examples. Newbies have noob questions 
about things they are stumbling across that experienced users have 
forgotten was once confusing. For experienced users that knowledge is 
now part of their Python DNA. According to people on the "python-list" 
other languages have wiki style user contribution areas that allow 
newbies to document the things they found confusing (and the answers) 
and to provide lots of code examples. Periodically this newbie 
information is rolled back into the official mainline docs. Requiring 
newbies to join this tracking system and to submit bugs is just way to 
complex for something that is now trivial to do with a wiki and it 
obviously causes the new user contributions to be pretty non-existent. 
Python would be a much easier language to learn if newbies could easily 
contribute through the main documentation web site.
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