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Date 2009-07-29.16:31:00
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I can't add a test for that without changing unrelated behaviour in the
library that is already known to work fine or checking the string value
of the raised exception, which seems like a bad idea, even though it
would work.

If a character is ignored and this leads to a padding-length issue,
TypeError is raised in both 2.7 and 3.2: 2.7 because everything is a
TypeError, and 3.2 because binascii.Error is converted to TypeError for
legacy purposes.

If a character is ignored and the string's length is still acceptable,
then no error is reported because this was a silent problem.

Post-library-modification, both of these cases will uniformly produce
the proper error, although it is, through type-checking alone,
indistinguishable from the errors that would have existed before -- the
value is in the fact that it will tell the user the nature of the
failure, and it will be noisy when it may have been silent before.
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