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Date 2009-07-29.11:53:37
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I've stumbled head-first into this bug trying to build ctypes 1.0.2, as 
required by the python Shapely GIS library for an important Zope project 
I've been working on.

It's a real surprise to see this bug even exists (since 2006!).  I don't 
understand the cause, but it's totally preventing me from deploying code 
using Shapely (and therefore ctypes) to a new Solaris x86 server that 
otherwise runs on Windows and Linux right now.

How come no progress - is it too hard to solve?

I'm using Sun Studio 12.1.  Out of a bunch of core libraries we're using 
(numpy, geos etc), this little package that has been "accepted" into the 
main Python distro seems to be the only one we've had problems with. :-(

Is there really no way around this?
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