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Date 2009-07-28.09:42:59
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I'm new to web programming with Python.
In Python2k, the special "# -*- coding: cp1254 -*-" code sets the
character encoding. It works in the internet browsers too and sets the
browser's character encoding. That was really good. But in Py3k, that
special comment doesn't work. Usually, the encoding is UTF-8 in my
browser. That time, non-ascii Turkish characters seems strange symbols.
The locale.setlocale method doesn't work too. The users must manualy set
the encoding from UTF-8 to Turkish(Windows-1254) or Turkish(ISO-8859-9).
Is there anyway to set browser's encoding with Python 3.1? 
I use IIS7 and Windows 7 x64.
BTW, the ASP don't identify Python. But I can use .py files. So, I did
these thing in CGI/.py
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