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Date 2009-07-24.08:30:10
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This is the rewritten-from-scratch implementation of the
sendmsg()/recvmsg() methods.
Any comments / suggestions / flames are very welcome. Currently it
supports what I need
and I'm only releasing it because I don't have much time to develop it
further in the
forseeable future (1-2 months). It is rewritten from scratch, using the
python c-api
documents. I've tried my best, but I wouldn't bet that it works
error-free. I'd be glad
if someone could give me a review on what I've might done wrong.

The features that are missing:
- using scatter/gather
- using it with non-stream oriented sockets (doesn't support addresses

These should be very easy to implement. If no one takes up the task of
implementing the
missing features than I'll do it of course, you just have to wait a
little while. Of
course any errors present in the code right now will be fixed.


Kalman Gergely
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