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Date 2009-07-18.23:08:58
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Ah, that's because you aren't using SafeConfigParser (which the docs
recommend that you do unless you have to use ConfigParser for backward
compatibility reasons).  Your test case works with SafeConfigParser.

You are correct that it is not explicitly documented in the ConfigParser
docs.  It is implied by the fact that the magic substitution is
documented to be a standard format string, and by the recommendation to
use SafeConfigParser because ConfigParser's handling of formatstrings is

To make this all explicit, I've attached a doc patch to make the
motivation for using SafeConfigParser clearer, using this as the
example.  Let me know what you think.

Georg, Raymond, I added you as nosy to ask for a style/content opinion.
 Should we instead rewrite the section to put SafeConfigParser first,
and perhaps even deprecate ConfigParser?
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