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On Fri, Jul 17, 2009 at 01:32, Ezio Melotti <> wrote:

> Ezio Melotti <> added the comment:
> Thanks to you for fixing it!
> However on now there's 3.w (maybe
> you missed the '2' key?).

I did, but Aahz has already fixed it.

> About the IRC stuff, at least #python-dev (and probably #python-docs
> too) are under our control (even if Freenode is not under our control,
> these channels are used and managed by Python developers).

Well, they are under our control as long as someone sits in them, but the
PSF is not a registered owner of any of the channels (I submitted our
application ages ago to help out with the German Python channel and still
have not heard back). And hardly anyone sits in #python-dev except on bug
days. I still don't feel comfortable mentioning them.
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