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thanks for the explanation of why it's that way.  

Any ideas of a work around?

python2.5 has been out for ages now. Even if it was an accident, it's
the behavior people expect, and it's still a regression.

Also, why should it matter if a module is a package or a module?

Note how pygame.tests has a type of module, and not of package:
>>> import pygame.tests
>>> type(pygame.tests)
<type 'module'>

Even though it is a package, python calls its type a module.  This has
been true for a long time (at least as far back as python2.3).

Because it's a regression, I think this bug should be reopened.

To illustrate why it causes problems, here is part of the documentation
mentioning the __main__.

You can do a self test with:
    python -m pygame.tests
Or with python2.6 do:
    python -m pygame.tests.__main__

See a list of examples...
  python -m pygame.examples
Or with python2.6,
  python -m pygame.examples.__main__

It's twice as long, and I doubt anyone will remember the __main__ part.

People used to running their programs with -m now have broken programs
with python2.6.

Having said all that, maybe there is a work around...

One work around might be to make it into a module-module, not a
package-module.  Then have the module-module load the package-module
into its namespace.  I haven't tested that yet, but it might work.  Will
have to go through a round of testing to see how that works out.  Will
write back when I've found out the issues with that approach.

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