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Author ezio.melotti
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Date 2009-07-09.18:43:52
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Reading I noticed a few things that could be
1) in Unladen Swallow is missing;
2) in there's an "any and any"
that should probably be "any and all";
3) in the same page, in the "fixing bugs" section, there are some
**..**, is that some ReST markup that was not supposed to be there?
4) in the IRC channels are not
mentioned (#python, #python-dev, #python-docs);
5) in the same page there's an XXX that should be fixed;
6) in the following line there's a "what ever" that should probably be
7) always there, a link to should
be added in the second last paragraph;
8) in there should probably be 3.2
in "(what will become 3.1)";
9) is still alive?
10) in the last list of links in the trailing
'/' are missing, but they are present in the menu on the left;

(I'm not sure this is the right place where to report this.)
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