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> One *could* add a check in pythonrun.c to substitute some suitable
> default (UTF-8) if nl_langinfo(CODESET) returns an empty value.

While googling for the source of this problem, I found other software 
projects that take this approach.  It doesn't seem totally unreasonable.

I just wish I understood *why* nl_langinfo(CODESET) is returning "" in 
these cases.  I've looked for the source at, but can't find it;  maybe that part of 
Darwin isn't open source.

It seems that a lot of people end up with an OS X Terminal setup such that 
LC_CTYPE is 'UTF-8' (perhaps this is a 10.4 thing---I haven't encountered 
this myself);  I don't think these people should have to deal with a 
confusing error on startup;  defaulting to UTF-8 on OS X seems like a 
reasonable compromise.
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