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ISTM these examples show how little value would come from fattening-up
the dict API.  The examples use the copy/update pattern which is clear,
explicit, and extendable to n-ary cases without incurring O(n**2)
behavior.  Tranforming them to a f=d+e pattern saves a few characters;
doesn't add any speed; makes it less clear that we're operating on
dictionaries; and does not extend well to the n-ary case (f=a+b+c+d+e
which copies a's elements five times, b's four times, etc.)  No new
functionality gets added -- all this is is a piece of syntactic sugar
that obscures what is going-on under the hood.  The dict API is one of
the most fundamental in the language; it needs to be kept as clean and
hazard-free as possible.
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