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Ezio Melotti wrote:
> Ezio Melotti <> added the comment:
> The Vista machine is running Py 2.5.2 but is not mine so I can't
> test/debug the issue properly there. FWIW I tried win32_ver() on it and
> I got ('', '6.0.6002', 'SP2', 'Multiprocessor Free').

Interesting. Looking at the code in win32_ver() should be getting
one of ('Vista', '2008Server', 'post2008Server'), but not '' for the

> Here on WinXP with 2.6 I get ('XP', '5.1.2600', 'SP2', u'Uniprocessor
> Free') (why only the last is unicode?).

Do you have the win32 tools installed on that machine ? This could
be the reason.

> On Monday I'll have access to more Windows machines (including Vista)
> but they are all in English. If there's something that I should try
> there let me know.

Please check the results of win32_ver() on those machines. The
release part should always be set.

Marc-Andre Lemburg


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