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> This is an edited-down excerpt form the optparse documentation from:
> "... the traditional Unix syntax is a hyphen (“-“) followed by a 
> single letter [...] Some other option syntaxes that the world has seen
>    * a hyphen followed by a few letters, e.g. "-pf" [...]

Note that the second "[...]" expands to "(this is *not* the same as
multiple options merged into a single argument)".  Which means:

1) optparse *does* implement the traditional Unix option-munging that
has been around since at least the mid-1980s
2) the proposed statement "optparse has chosen to implement a subset of
the GNU coding standard's command line interface guidelines, allowing
for both long and short options, but not the POSIX-style concatenation
of short options." is false

Offhand, I don't see a way for the documentation to be any clearer. 
Maybe an example of "-a" and "-b" munged to "-ab"?
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