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Author nedbat
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Date 2009-06-28.22:43:20
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Pyexpat.c calls the tracing function explicitly (not sure why).  When it
intercepts an exception, it calls the function with PyTrace_EXCEPTION,
but then leaves the scope without calling PyTrace_RETURN.  This is
incorrect.  There should always be a PyTrace_RETURN for every PyTrace_CALL.

I've attached to demonstrate the problem.

Running it produces many lines of output, including:

                     line 222
                     line 223
                     call pyexpat.c 905
                        call 892
                           line 894
                           line 900
                           exception 900
                           return 900
                        exception pyexpat.c 905
                        exception 223
                        line 225
                        line 226

The exception at line 905 in pyexpat.c should be followed with a return
from line 905 in pyexpat.c, but is not.  After that exception, the
nesting is off by one because the Calls and Returns don't match.
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