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Date 2009-06-09.06:40:25
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Shoudl argparse be included in the Python Standard Library.

I know we already have getopt and optparse but optparse doesn't
support many features easily. (like options without hyphen, nargs=*)

Here a little about argparse:

argparse: Python command line parser
The argparse module makes writing command line tools in Python easy.
Just briefly describe your command line interface and argparse will take
care of the rest, including: 
parsing the arguments and flags from sys.argv 
converting arg strings into objects for your program 
formatting and printing any help messages 
and much more ... 
For those familiar with the optparse module from the Python standard
library, argparse improves on this module in a number of ways, including: 
handling positional arguments 
supporting sub-commands 
allowing alternative option prefixes like + and / 
handling zero-or-more and one-or-more style arguments 
producing more informative usage messages 
providing a much simpler interface for custom types and actions
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