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Author Frans
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Date 2009-06-07.19:11:59
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Hi Vinay,

Thanks for your info. I have just shared my experience. I ran into a problem
(apperently, there is one)  and found a work-around that fits my needs.
If I find the real fix, I will surely follow up on it.



2009/6/7 Vinay Sajip <>

> Vinay Sajip <> added the comment:
> ConcurrentLogHandler is for multiple *processes* writing to the same
> file, not multiple threads in a single process. Python logging does not
> support multiple processes writing to the same file because there is no
> portable IPC locking across all platforms supported by Python.
> ConcurrentLogHandler uses portalocker to achieve interprocess
> synchronization, and there is no equivalent mechanism which is part of
> the Python stdlib. AFAIK portalocker works on Windows and Linux - I'm
> not sure about other platforms.
> Python logging *does* support multiple threads in a single process
> writing to the same file, which is why I asked Robert if it was
> definitely a single-process environment he was working in.
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