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Author gvanrossum
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Date 2009-05-29.20:52:30
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> I was hoping this would make 3.1.  Too late, I guess.  What about 3.2?

Here's what I said before:

I think we should either get this into the 3.0a5 release planned for May
7, or wait for 3.1.  I'd prefer to see some kind of PEP discussion on
the python-3000 list, rather than just a BDFL approval in a tracker
issue.  I think it's a useful feature (especially now we already have
PEP 3132) but we're getting close to the release, so I'd like to see
some more eyeballs on this code...  I expect the PEP discussion will be
short and sweet -- either most folks like it, or we should not push
through at this point in time.

I still think this is the way to do it.  I'm +0 myself.  We might decide
not to do it just because py3k needs stability more than it needs more
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