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Author purpleidea
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Date 2009-05-29.15:51:08
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Keywords: patch, distutils, pyc
I posted this on the distutils mailing list, and they said I should post
it here instead.

I'm certaintly new to distutils and setuptools, however I figured I'd
send in this patch, and either it will get merged because it's a great
idea or someone will perhaps tell me why this doesn't exist already.
(or maybe it does and i can't find it)
In any case, it adds the pyc option to the clean command so that the
.pyc can be removed on request. Personally i'll have a [clean] pyc=1
option in my setup.cfg, but that's for my convenience.



ps: i wasn't able to pick a priority or keywords, there isn't a box to
type those in, however the titles are there. so either i don't have
permissions or there's a bug ?
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