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Date 2009-05-27.11:33:56
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Thanks for reply.

I tried Python 3.1 Beta, and the testcode goes fine.
(and my current work also.) 

I checked with Windows XP, I told before.
My problem seems resolved, and here is answers only to make sure.

>(What is the value of sys.maxunicode there though?)


> I ran the script from the terminal with "python3" twice and it
> worked both the time (is this the correct way to use the script?).


> If you delete the .pyc an reload the script again, does it work?

You mean "and" insted of "an", right?
The answer is Yes, even Python 3.0.1.

> (Next time upload the files separately, it's easier for us to see them.)

OK, I know.

Thank you very much for all.
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