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Date 2009-05-25.01:56:53
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When the path of the package has non-ascii characters, importing such
packages always fails except the first time (in other words, always 
fails when compiled .pyc file exists).

The problem exists even the names of such modules only consist of
us-ascii characters. Please follow the test code I create, which can
test the problem even with English version Windows(, I expected).

Target: Windows XP (I tested Home Ed., SP3, 32bit, Japanase version)
Python: 3.0.1

The priority of this issue might be CRITICAL or higher by 2 reasons:
1) When the end-users meet this condition, the users cannot find what's
wrong easily, because UnicodeDecodeError is raised (not ImportError).

2) On non-English version Windows, "Desktop", "My Documents" or etc. 
folders have non-English name as default. For example, Katakana is used
in Japanese version. This means all python packages in the desktop meet
 this problem for not a few users.
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