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Author jaraco
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Date 2009-05-18.12:50:58
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I've improved the symlink support in (SVN).  It now
implements the symlink check based on the technique suggested by the
MSDN docs.

I've begun to port this functionality to CPython.  I'm attaching a patch
against /branches/py3k that I believe will expose the a symlink function
on Windows systems.  I don't have an environment set up to compile
Python, so the patch hasn't even been checked for valid syntax.

I would appreciate if someone could review the patch and comment on the
technique.  I'm looking for confirmation that this is a reasonable
approach, or suggestions.

Implementing will probably follow the same technique.

The implementation for ntpath.symlink will be incongruent to the posix
implementation, because it can't use lstat (which doesn't appear to
reflect the symlink flag).  Can ntpath call back into the os module
(where a islink could be defined for Windows systems)?
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