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Date 2009-05-14.18:20:49
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All implementations relying on zip or zip_longest breaks with infinite
iterable (e.g. itertools.count()).

And it is not impossible to define a clean, flexible, and familiar API
which will be similar to open()'s mode or unicode error mode. The modes
would be 'error' (default), 'pad', 'truncate', and 'partial' (maybe
should suggest a better name than 'partial')

> There is an issue with having too many itertools.  
> The module taken as a whole becomes more 
> difficult to use as new tools are added.

It should also be weighed that a lot of people are expecting for this
kind of function in itertools. I think there are other functions in
itertools that have more questionable value than groupers, such as starmap.
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