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Date 2009-05-13.22:01:22
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Platform: Ubuntu 8.10

Affected versions: Python 2.6.2, IDLE 2.6.2 and Python 2.5.4, IDLE 1.2.4

From IDLE I run a program that opens a graphics window (e.g. using the
Natural Language Toolkit: >>> import nltk followed by >>> 

When I close the graphics window, I expect to be able to continue
working with the Python shell.

What happens instead is this: The graphics window closes, but the shell
prompt (>>>) does not appear. It seems the subprocess responsible for
the graphics window is still running even though the window is no more. 

All I can do is close IDLE upon which it complains about a program that
is still running.

I am not sure whether this is an IDLE-bug, a graphics package bug or a
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