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Date 2009-05-10.21:05:28
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Overall, this looks good.  Some mostly minor comments in this review.
File Doc/library/zlib.rst (right):
Line 136: When specified, it will cause the function's return value to
be a (uncompressed, offset)
how about this wording:

..."to be a tuple of (uncompressed, offset), with the"...
Line 142: Added the *offset* argument
missing . at the end of the sentence.  Also, mention that this function
now accepts keyword arguments.
File Lib/test/ (right):
Line 110: c = zlib.compress(a)+zlib.compress(b)
please surround the + with spaces for readability and consistency with
other code in the file.\
File Modules/zlibmodule.c (right):
Line 193: "the start position in the string to start decompresion and,
if spceified,\n"
typo: specified.
Line 296: offset = length-zst.avail_in+offset;
leave spaces around your - and + operators and this becomes easier to
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