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Date 2009-05-08.19:38:44
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Ok, so I was running "test_asyncore" and not "test_asynchat".

The issue on OS X is that when a new socket is connecting, select.poll() 
shows the socket as being writable when it first connects, but using my 
variant, .connected is False while it's waiting for the connection.

If we swap the pollin/pollout conditions, that would fix the hang on 
mac, but cause the hang on others (I'm not really worried about not 
doing a write after a read, .push() in asynchat performs an immediate 

If we get rid of the .connected check, then when a .read() fails and 
causes a close, then we get an exception in handle_write().

If we swap to Giampaolo's variant, then we could lose data that was 
legitimately sent by a client.

I've got a version that doesn't hang on OS X, and should work on all 
platforms.  It's ugly, but it works.
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