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Author eric.smith
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Date 2009-05-05.00:50:06
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> I've generated a new patch, attached.  I don't know why you had trouble
> applying.

Yeah, I'm not sure what that was about. Part of the patch applied, but
not the rest. In any event, the current one applied cleanly.

I'm not sure this part of the patch is correct (in relpath):
     for i in range(min(len(start_list), len(path_list))):
-        if start_list[i].lower() != path_list[i].lower():
+        if start_list[i] != path_list[i]:
-    else:
         i += 1

I think removing the "else:" is likely an error. It probably also means
that this code isn't tested.

Other than that, this looks reasonable enough to me. I'm hoping someone
else can give it a thorough review, too. I haven't had time to look
through all of the cases in join() to verify that they're correct and
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