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Author gregorlingl
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Date 2009-05-04.22:08:31
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I just wanted to submit the reply below. In the meantime Benjamin's
remark arrived. So perhaps the issue can be resolved successfully.

May I submit here one of the two example scripts I'd like to add to the
demos: . Have a look at it and run it. 
Just for fun - in this strained situation - I hope you enjoy it.

I'll prepare the patch for the docs and I'll submit it as soon as
possible, not later than tomorrow.

Of course the print(_ver) statement should be commented out.



So perhaps there is someone else who could do it.

I'd like to state decisively:

Version 1.1 contains significant amendments.
I tested it thoroughly 
It would be a big advantage if others could test it also
during the 4 weeks of beta testing.

So I'd like to ask: Would it be practicable to put it
into 3.1b with the caveat to revert this adoption if it
turns out to have unrecoverable flaws? 

I'd like to remind you that Martin even did significant 
changes to version 1.0 only a few days before the final 
release of Python2.6. 

I know (and regret) that I submitted these changes rather late, 
but it was four days ago that I asked Martin and also Raymond for
advice on how to proceed with the submission but regrettably with 
no response. Unfortunately I'm a full time teacher and have to
do a lot of final exams these days. So I have only limited 
resources to work on turtle development. Nevertheless 
I'm anxious to only deliver valuable contributions.

I hope there is a way to accept these for now.
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