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Date 2009-05-04.20:14:56
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> Thanks! Do I need to do something special to make the merging work
> right? Or do I just apply the patch separately to the trunk and the py3k
> branche?

You commit to the trunk, then you do "svnmerge merge -r<rev>" in the 3k
branch, then "svn commit -F svnmerge-something.txt" (in case of
conflicts, you fix them first, of course).

> Good point about the install script - I think the condition needs to be
> ("&Python%s=3" % ver) instead of "NOT Installed".

I'm not sure - I think the install script must run several times
actually, so there must be several custom actions, each with its own

> I'll open a new issue for support for a "Change" installation. This is
> one of the nice things that treating Python versions as features allows,
> I just haven't had time to look into it yet.

Well, if there had been separate packages per version, you could install
them independently, anyway.
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