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Author loewis
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Date 2009-05-04.16:18:40
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The patch looks fine so far, please apply to trunk and 3k. As this is a
new feature, I think backporting it is not appropriate.

I believe that the support for (pre)install scripts is incorrect; I
would expect that each such script should be executed once per version
for which the package is installed. However, this can be fixed later;
for the moment, it would be good enough to warn at packaging time that
scripts may not work for multi-version packages.

You can also consider providing "Change" installation, allowing the user
to selectively add a package to a python version after that python
version is installed (or to remove it before the python version gets
removed). To do so, just add an option to the MaintenanceTypeDlg that
forks into the feature selection dialog, with the standard INSTALL action.
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