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Author larry
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Date 2009-05-04.02:17:50
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I've generated a new patch, attached.  I don't know why you had trouble
applying.  I tested this one with a clean tree and "patch -p1 < ..." and
it applied cleanly.  If it fails again, how about I upload the three
modified files?

I removed the extraneous changes.  I claim that the changes that remain
in ntpath are salient to the UNC changes, but feel free to call me on it
if I got that wrong.  (Or make a new patch as you have graciously
volunteered to do.)

I also amended splitdrive's UNC handling slightly; it now rejects
UNC-like paths that start with three slashes or have two slashes between
the host and mount point.  Thus neither "///computer/mountpoint/x" nor
"//computer//mountpoint/x" will be parsed as UNC paths.
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