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Author benjamin.peterson
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Date 2009-05-03.21:41:36
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The calls to bytes2str are not checked in posixmodule.c.
File Include/unicodeobject.h (right):
Line 1254: The function is intended to be used for paths and file names
If these are only meant to be used internally during bootstrap, should
they have the _Py prefix?
File Lib/test/ (right):
Line 1: from test import support
I'm not sure this deserves a whole new file. Couldn't UtfbTest go in
test_codecs and FileTests go in test_os?
Line 2: import unittest, shutil, os, sys
PEP 8 says these should be on separate lines.
Line 33: if != 'win32':
Isn't "nt" on Windows?

Also, you could skip this whole class on Windows by decorating the class
with @unittest.skipIf(sys.platform.startswith("win")).
Line 47: f = open(self.bdir + b"/" + fn, "w")
Looks like a good place for os.path.join.
File Modules/posixmodule.c (right):
Line 547: else if(PyByteArray_Check(o)) {
There's a small white space problem here.
Line 548: if (lock && o->ob_type->tp_as_buffer->bf_getbuffer(o, NULL, 0)
< 0)
I believe you want PyObject_GetBuffer here.
Line 596: bytes2str(name, 0));
What if byte2str returns NULL?
File Python/codecs.c (right):
Line 852: if (!res)
This leaks "object".
Line 895: return NULL;
This leaks "object".
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