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the example from

named "
# Example where a pool of http servers share a single listening socket
does not work on windows.


s = socket.fromfd(fd, family, type_, proto)

in line 156 of

fails, because fromfd is not available on windows. Sad thing: was put into exactly to solve that problem
(i.e. is provided as workaround for socket.fromfd not
available on windows, from the documentation: 
if sys.platform == 'win32':
    import multiprocessing.reduction
    # make sockets pickable/inheritable

the solution within processing was:

    fromfd = socket.fromfd
except AttributeError:
    def fromfd(fd, family, type, proto=0):
        s = socket._socket.socket()
        _processing.changeFd(s, fd, family, type, proto)
        return s

but: _multiprocessing has no longer a method changeFd.

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