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Author ocean-city
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Date 2009-04-28.01:43:21
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Hello. I noticed test_urllib fails on windows.

ERROR: test_copy (__main__.urlretrieve_FileTests)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 241, in test_copy
    test_support.TESTFN), second_temp)
  File "e:\python-dev\trunk\lib\", line 94, in urlretrieve
    return _urlopener.retrieve(url, filename, reporthook, data)
  File "e:\python-dev\trunk\lib\", line 238, in retrieve
    fp =, data)
  File "e:\python-dev\trunk\lib\", line 206, in open
    return getattr(self, name)(url)
  File "e:\python-dev\trunk\lib\", line 464, in open_file
    return self.open_local_file(url)
  File "e:\python-dev\trunk\lib\", line 478, in open_local_file
    raise IOError(e.errno, e.strerror, e.filename)
IOError: [Errno 22] ネットワークに到達できません。ネットワークのトラブル
ィングについては、Windows ヘルプを参照してください。:


This happens since r71780. Workaround is to add "|" to safe list of 
  fullurl = quote(fullurl, safe="%/:=&?~#+!$,;'@()*[]")

# I don't know "|" is really safe.
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