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In the Python 2.x branch, os.path.normpath will sometimes return a str
even if given a unicode. This is not an issue in the Python 3.0 branch.

This happens specifically when it throws away all string data and
constructs its own:

>>> os.path.normpath(u'')
>>> os.path.normpath(u'.')
>>> os.path.normpath(u'/')

This is a problem if working with code which expects all strings to be
unicode strings (sometimes, functions raise exceptions if given a str,
when expecting a unicode).

I have attached patches (with test cases) for posixpath and ntpath which
correctly preserve the unicode-ness of the input string, such that the
new behaviour is:

>>> os.path.normpath(u'')
>>> os.path.normpath(u'.')
>>> os.path.normpath(u'/')

I tried it on os2emxpath and plat-riscos/riscospath (the other two
OS-specific path modules), and it already worked fine for them.
Therefore, this patch fixes all necessary OS-specific versions of os.path.
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