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Date 2009-04-22.11:35:17
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> i think it's all about the difference betwin print(msg) and
> sys.stdout.write('%s\n' % msg)

Yes. Actually, it's about what streams will accept. For example, a
stream opened with'cp1251') will accept a Unicode
string and encode it before output. Likewise, a StringIO wrapped inside
a writer obtained from the codecs module.

However, stdout and stderr are of type file and seem to behave
differently - they behave as expected if I encode the value written to
them, but fail if I write a Unicode string to them.

I don't think special-casing for sys.stdout and sys.stderr in the
logging code is the correct approach. Better to put a conditional
encoding step when it's needed - now I just need to figure out all the
cases when it's needed ;-)
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