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Author theller
Recipients doko, loewis, theller
Date 2009-04-17.17:22:39
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Here is a quite large patch (300 lines) against svn trunk that renames a
lot of symbols.
The list of symbols, listed by 'nm -g --defined-only' is as

theller@tubu32:~/devel/trunk$ find . -name | xargs nm -g
00011d07 T My_PyUnicode_AsWideChar
00011c6e T My_PyUnicode_FromWideChar
000136e2 T PyCArgObject_new
000236e0 D PyCArg_Type
000225a0 D PyCArrayType_Type
0000f86a T PyCArrayType_from_ctype
00022e40 D PyCArray_Type
0000b0b0 T PyCData_AtAddress
0000ae6f T PyCData_FromBaseObj
00022980 D PyCData_Type
0000b274 T PyCData_get
0000b82d T PyCData_set
000181bf T PyCField_FromDesc
00023ae0 D PyCField_Type
000227e0 D PyCFuncPtrType_Type
00022b60 D PyCFuncPtr_Type
00022440 D PyCPointerType_Type
00023220 D PyCPointer_Type
00022700 D PyCSimpleType_Type
00023920 D PyCStgDict_Type
0001627a T PyCStgDict_clone
00022200 D PyCStructType_Type
00017223 T PyCStructUnionType_update_stgdict
00023300 D PyCThunk_Type
00004fe4 T PyDict_GetItemProxy
00004dd1 T PyDict_SetItemProxy
00023e18 B PyExc_ArgError
0001660e T PyObject_stgdict
0001658c T PyType_stgdict
00023de8 A __bss_start
0001221b T _ctypes_add_traceback
00012f75 T _ctypes_alloc_callback
0001d737 T _ctypes_alloc_closure
0000506e T _ctypes_alloc_format_string
0001469d T _ctypes_callproc
00023dec B _ctypes_conversion_encoding
00023df0 B _ctypes_conversion_errors
000143f5 T _ctypes_extend_error
0001d70a T _ctypes_free_closure
00013318 T _ctypes_get_errobj
00013f41 T _ctypes_get_ffi_type
0001d5be T _ctypes_get_fielddesc
000237c0 D _ctypes_module_methods
00023e14 B _ctypes_ptrtype_cache
0000b204 T _ctypes_simple_instance
00023de8 A _edata
00023e1c A _end
0001e264 T _fini
00003f48 T _init
0001dbda T ffi_call
0001e080 T ffi_call_SYSV
0001d9fc T ffi_prep_args
0001d883 T ffi_prep_cif
0001db62 T ffi_prep_cif_machdep
0001d9ba T ffi_prep_closure
0001de09 T ffi_prep_closure_loc
0001dea0 T ffi_prep_raw_closure_loc
0001df8b T ffi_raw_call
00023a64 D ffi_type_double
00023a58 D ffi_type_float
00023a70 D ffi_type_longdouble
00023a7c D ffi_type_pointer
00023a1c D ffi_type_sint16
00023a34 D ffi_type_sint32
00023a4c D ffi_type_sint64
00023a04 D ffi_type_sint8
00023a10 D ffi_type_uint16
00023a28 D ffi_type_uint32
00023a40 D ffi_type_uint64
000239f8 D ffi_type_uint8
000239ec D ffi_type_void
000115ec T init_ctypes

doko, loewis, what do you think?
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