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Date 2009-04-14.20:24:17
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r71400 and r71401 changed py3k to comment out the installation 
of the scripts for pydoc, idle, 2to5, and  This was in 
response to issue1590 noting that python3 should not overwrite python2 
versions of the scripts.  However, unless I'm missing something, this 
now means that *no* versions of these scripts are ever installed for 
python3; that's not a solution.  (Note, this breaks Mac installer builds 
and probably breaks downstream unix packages as well.)

As hinted at in issue1590, the most consistent option would be to 
install each of the scripts with a version number as is done with python 

Whatever solution is chosen, some additional work will likely be needed 
in the Mac Makefile to do the right thing in the framework bin directory 
and in the Mac BuildScript/ for the /usr/local/bin 
links. No idea about the effects on other platform builds.

This also seems to be a change worthy of a NEWS item and doc changes.
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