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Date 2009-04-12.18:19:42
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Antoine Pitrou wrote:
> Antoine Pitrou <> added the comment:
>> No, doing this is trivial. But shouldn't it be up to the implementor of 
>> MyClass to decide whether MyMixin or io.FileIO methods are evaluated first?
> Is there a concrete use case, though?

I don't have a good one in mind - though

> By the way, what if _pyio.FileIO inherited from io.FileIO instead of
> delegating all methods?

I don't think that would work - but reasoning about MRO hurts my brain ;-)

You'd have to declare the class like this:

class FileIO(io.FileIO, IOBase):

to get the io.File methods to resolve first. But that means that the 
method invocation chain would be broken by io.IOBase, which doesn't make 
super calls.

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