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Date 2009-04-12.13:48:19
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> I think that this linearization is probably more useful:
> MyClass -> io.FileIO -> MyMixin -> IOBase

But why not simply:

MyClass -> MyMixin -> io.FileIO -> IOBase

Is there something I'm missing that prevents you from doing this?

> I'm not trying to change the ABC unification at all - and if I did then 
> there is a bug in my code. I just think that the immediate parent class 
> of _pyio.FileIO should be _pyio.IOBase (just like _io.FileIO has 
> _io.IOBase as an immediate parent). That will make the Python and C 
> class hierarchies completely consistent within themselves.

I understand, but that's at the price of an otherwise useless
indirection layer, which will also make _pyio even slower that it
already is :-)
(I admit, however, that _pyio shouldn't be used in normal circumstances,
so this is not a showstopper argument)
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