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PS: Timings for x86{-32,-64} or ia{32,64} architectures are likely
    to show a significantly smaller speedup because they truly are
     MIMD CISC pipeline machines ( the multiple-core feature and
    IA64 "instruction triplet groups" mean they are more optimized
    for "hyperthreading" WITHIN the same process.
    Please remember that Python must also be capable of taking advantage
    of SIMD parallelism also on architectures such as the SPARC where
    often fork()-ing a new process is vastly more efficient than 
    creating a new LWP with true shared memory .
    On the amd64 machines, also, which do not have such a huge
    microcode overhead headache such as on IA64 machines, 
    running multiple processes instead of multiple threads
    can often be more efficient.

    But on ia64 and of course single-processor machines of all types
    there is no improvement to be found in running multiple processes
    and running multiple threads is greatly to be preferred .
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