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The attached patch takes care of relocating the parse_header function
from cgi module to email.header module in Python2.7.

Few comments:

1)parse_multipart need not be moved from cgi, because it is discouraged
to use parse_multipart and it is advised to use FieldStorage class
methods which does the same thing.

2)Should the relocation happen in Python 2.7 as well as in Python 3K or
only in Python 3k?  ( The patch is for Python 2.7, but can be ported to
Python 3k).

4) If changes happen in Python 2.7, then cgi.parse_header will have
DeprecationWarning just in case we go for more versions in Python 2.x

5)Does anyone have any concerns with this change?  I plan to ask at
Python-Dev as well?
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