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As python gains more popularity, more and more applications run under
CPython in a common user desktop. The problem is that if a user has 2 or
more python apps running there is no way to identify them correctly from
the generic "Task/Process Manager Application" (in Windows/Linux/OSX/any
OS), because all appear as a "python" process. Take Ubuntu for an example. 

There are more cases when this is annoying:

- Imagine two python process (doing different things, of course) sending
messages to syslog: looks like all coming from "python" process.
- A bash script which wants to "killall" one application: how can it
identify a given python script between two or more "python" processes?

There are some methods [1][2] to work around it, but there are not just
Linux/BSD only, moreover, there are not included in the python standard


I hope this issue gets considered in the community to fix it, I really
think this is important... :-)

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