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I'm happy to let them know proposed changes now that I know issues 
exist, but you have to admit that they were pretty under-the-radar until 
4-5 months *after* 2.6 was released.  If there is a mailing address that 
I can send proposed changes to asyncore so that they can have a say, I'd 
be happy to talk to them.

Generally, what you are saying is that I'm damned if I do, damned if I 
don't.  By taking ownership and attempting to fix and improve the module 
for 2.6 (because there were a bunch of outstanding issues), people are 
pissed (generally those who use Zope and/or medusa).  Despite this, 
other people have continued to use it, and have been pushing for new 
features; event scheduling being one of the major parts.

Pulling asyncore out of Python is silly.  Not improving the module 
because of fear of breakage is silly.  I'm happy to hear suggestions 
from the Zope crew, but I'm only going to put as much effort in 
communicating with them as they do me.
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